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Chris has a future in TV

September 2, 2012

So on our way home from Maine last weekend, we stopped at the local 7-11 to grab a drink for the road.  The cashier, who was at least six feet tall, huge, with his hair up in a tiny little bun looked at Chris, and with complete and utter excitement, said “Oh my god! You look like a cartoon character!!”  It was awesome.

And I’m still laughing about it.


Vacation Land

August 27, 2012

Real life started today.  I began my full time, year long practicum…which means two things. 1.  It’s the beginning of the end! I graduate in May!  2. Last week was the last Hoo-rah for a long while.  Sooo….Chris and I escaped to Maine for the week.  He took the week off and we escaped for a little relaxation and quality time.

 We ate way too much pizza, even more ice cream, and got some major beach time in.


 Chris and I ran a 5k (His first race!) and he did awesome.  It was not the easiest course, but he was a trooper and killed it.  We are even running a 10k in a couple of weeks. (maybe he’ll get the running bug too)

It was great, I got my boyfriend fix, and I was actually excited to get back and dive into a busier schedule (I’m gunna be kicking myself in a couple of weeks for saying that!)

Big, Bigger, Biggest

August 17, 2012

I really want to share more of my knitting here.  I started blogging for Fig (my knitting business, which has unfortunately been put on hold while I am in school, due to time and $$$)  two years ago and loved being able to share my creative process with you all and to reflect on that myself.  So, I hope to share more of that side of me with you all during this upcoming cold weather season!

 I have always been drawn to chunky, big, cozy knits.  I tend to use larger needles and thicker yarns, but always find myself wanting something bigger, thicker.  So….of course, I decided to make my own Jamie-approved size knitting needles.  I went to Home Depot, got two large dowels, had Chris cut them, and sanded them to create two jumbo needles! I AM SO EXCITED!  I have been experimenting with yarn and need to find a material thick enough (and not ridiculously expensive) for these large projects.  I want big comfy blankets.  Big comfy rugs.  Big comfy everything.  (knitting with these needles is really hard! I need to use the top of couch as a support for one needle and requires standing)

I used 3 of my thickest yarns put together…..I’m gunna need to find some thicker yarn….

This last one I used unspun wool roving, which seems to be thick enough, I am just worried that it wont be as strong because it’s not spun….and 8oz. got me only this far.

A Little Quiet

August 17, 2012

Well then….It’s been a little a lot quiet over here.  This is what happened:

I needed quiet.

After hearing about what happened in Colorado, my mind was racing.  I had, and still have so many thoughts and fears about what happened, and heartache for the victims of this horrible event.  As someone entering the mental health field, could and should we have noticed this man? Could someone in our field of work have done something more to prevent this?   Millions of “what ifs” consumed me.  I needed a break to process everything.

I couldn’t imagine writing anything.

That day I went for a run, and initially had my normal music playing, but found that it was too much.  I was completely overwhelmed with the competing noise of the music and my thoughts.  I immediately stopped my music.  I needed quiet.  5 miles of quiet.  It was a breath of fresh air, hearing almost nothing but my steady footsteps and my breathing.

My mind and thoughts are much quieter now.  I am ready and eager to come back and share with you all what I have been up to during my little (and I think much needed) break.

Brave The Storm for an Adventure

July 19, 2012

Sarah, Jessica, and I all had yesterday cleared and ready for our planned Girls Day.  We got our nails done (and I think the nail tech was happy to see our chatty selves leave after 2 hrs in there…we went one at a time) and then headed into Boston.  The plan was to drop our stuff off at 40 Berkeley, grab dinner, and head back for the swap.  Minor detail: there was a ridiculous storm occurring and we parked a couple blocks from our destination.  With our bags in tow, we speed walked toward the hostel.  Unfortunately, we only had two umbrellas, and Sarah and I sharing an umbrella was a complete disaster (how we shared a womb for 9 months, I’ll never know).  We made a pit stop for a drink because our shoes were filled with puddles, we all sucked down coffees on the way and needed to pee in the worst way, and Sarah was convinced we would be struck by lightning if we didn’t seek cover immediately.  Fast Forward about a half hour….we make it to the hostel looking soggy at best. (pardon the hair on all of us)  We had great food.  Great company.  And wine….enough wine to last me a month.

Photos taken by Adam Towner

Outfit:  Shorts- Crimson & Clover, Tshirt- Forever21, Belt- Old Navy, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Gift from Sister Laura

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my recap on our slumber party at 40 Berkeley

Simple Things

July 18, 2012

Put a slack line up between two trees, and there is hours of fun to be had.  We spent the weekend up in Maine again, and most of Sunday was spent in the yard trying to dominate this thing.  Not as easy as it seems…

Sorry for the lack of posting, I was sick last week and started classes back up, I’ll get back into a schedule…soon…I hope…if not, I’m out playing on the slack line.

Denim Swap!

July 9, 2012

At the end of last summer, Sarah helped me clean out my closet and evaluate my wardrobe.  I had an embarrassing amount of jeans.  You know, the casual pair(s), the feeling fat pair(s), dressy pair(s), an on and on.  I kept a select few, but think its about that time to purge again, as my collection seems to be growing, yet again.

Perfect timing, Swapaholics!  They are hosting a Jean Swap next Wednesday, and you guys can buy tickets for a 25% discount using the code first impression!  Hope to see you all next week, lets swap some jeans 🙂

Plus, if you purchase your ticket before tomorrow night by midnight, you will be entered to win a VIP Swap Slumber Party for you AND 3 friends in a suite at 40 Berkeley the night of the swap!

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